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Wintermute is a 3D printer designed for high resolution prints across a range of materials without the need to exchange components. Wintermute is a delta style printer derived from Rostock which favors speed and precision above the capabilities of standard cartesian printers.

The printer design is a fork from a fellow maker Ichibey and his printer HIMAWARI. The design favors low cost linear rod bearings over slide rails for inexpensive scaling and replacement of worn parts. Many parts that are prone to wear on this design are printed or can be acquired in large quantities at low cost.

Wintermute uses a 3mm E3D all metal hot-end that is retracted above the end effector. The use of an all metal hot-end increases the temperature range achievable which allows for a wide range of materials to be extruded without the need to swap it out with another component. The retracted design extends the print area in Z by the length of the hot-end.

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